Well a house is not just a refuge or a place one stays in… it is where families live together, see the ups and downs, create memories and make a life. Hence, it becomes increasingly important that a house is bought according to the needs of every member of the family. The most things to consider while buying a house are-

  1. The builder has all his permissions and documents in place. One should check for all the documents of the builder so as to be sure of that the builder actually has full rights to sell the house. Also, don’t forget to check for the encumbrance certificate, which ensures that the land is free from all types of legal dues.
  2. Have a financial buffer. If you’ve just moved and are thinking about what to do with that extra 10k, don’t spend it! More often than not, homes will have repairs that need doing over the first few months after moving in. It’s better to have a buffer than to be in a difficult place if something does end up happening.
  3. Hire a professional and experienced home inspector- This is very important, in order to avoid future costly and unexpected expenses. This way you are very sure of the worth of the house that you are buying,
  4. Negotiate- One must take time and negotiate well before finalizing the deal. As buying a house always involves a big amount of money, one should take decisions from the head and not from the heart. Also, one should not be worried from walking away from a bad deal. Buying a house is a permanent decision, so should be taken cautiously.
  5. Buy a property only if you can afford it, otherwise look for something else- Big property with garden and lawn, etc., appeals to everyone, but the important question here is if you can really, comfortably afford it. If the answer is no, then don’t pressurize yourself, look for some other property, may be slightly smaller, or in some other area. House is bought for comfort and not to add on the pressures.

One should definitely keep these aspects in mind before taking an important decision like buying a house.